Susewind Kunststofftechnik GmbH
Burmeckestraße 4-6
D-59955 Winterberg
  susewind kunststofftechnik gmbH  

We manufacture pipelines, fittings and components

Umlenkhaube für Rauchgaskanal


Ausschnitt Fertigungszeichnung

For our customers in power plants, waste to energy facilities, paper mills etc.We fabricate custom-made products, matched to the requirements in each case.

Our strength is quality, flexibility and being on schedule. Serial production is exceptional, but most of our products are unique and designed for your individual requirements.

Pipes and components are usually fabricated out of corrosion resistant reinforcements and vinyl ester resins, often combined with specific additives or thermoplastic liners.

Out of the above we manufacture for example:
  • Pipe works and spray lances
  • Water distribution systems
  • Tanks , equipment , mist separator casings
  • High temperature applications
  • Fittings per tailor-made drawings
  • Fittings per DIN 16966
  • Components for metal search technologies