Susewind Kunststofftechnik GmbH
Burmeckestraße 4-6
D-59955 Winterberg

susewind kunststofftechnik gmbH
We visit you, when we …

Umlenkhaube für Rauchgaskanal
... install our FRP components at your facility.
... perform revision works on your FRP components.
... install or renew abrasion and heat protection systems.
... complete repairs and reconstruction works.
... alter existing vessels or appliances.
... realize collecting trays, linings and coatings.
... install pipelines at your facility.
... satisfy your individual FRP-service needs.
... offer information and consultation onsite.

Trust our competence like many satisfied customers before you.

We are a certified expert company per German WHG § 19l
  • We operate a certified SGU-Managment-System per SCC/VCA
  • Our lamination and welding personnell is certified per DVS-Guidelines 2212 and 2220.
  • We hurry to your site as quickly as possible so your production does not experience any unnecessary downtime. We appreciate your needs and concerns.
  • Upon request we provide a project based report of of our work, so you can comprehend the work we have performed for you.